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Tel:  0086-556-8641999

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Address: No.0098 Qianshan Economic Development Zone,Anhui

About US

Yinsheng bank supplies group Ltd. is China leading bank products supplier located in Qianshan Economic Zone in Au Hui province. Established in 1989, Yinsheng Group has developed many banking consumables and facilities: banknote straps and seals, coin wrappers, RMB bundling strip for currency automation systems (Delarue, G&D, Toshiba), deposit and courier bags,Yinsheng Group is the nominated supplier on banknote strip and seal products for most of the major banks in China.

As a reputable banking products manufacturer, Yinsheng Group has also built up direct business with buyers from overseas: Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Australia, etc. The head office for Australiasia region is based in Sydney, Australia.

Yinsheng Group is looking forward to developing a win-win relationship with you and grow business together